5 Early Summer Yard Projects


Jacksonville , NC   June 14, 2018

5 Early Summer Yard Projects

Early summer, when the weather is warm but the most intense heat has yet to descend, is often an ideal time to add a few yard projects to your weekend to-do list.

Below are five fun projects to tackle with your family. Bonus: most can be done during a single weekend if you have more than one set of hands on deck.

Build a firepit. There are a myriad of helpful tutorials online for building your own fire pit outside, and some are as simple as arranging attractive bricks or cinder blocks. Create a simple or intricate pit, assuring it’s a safe distance from the house and far from any foliage, and break out the marshmallows.

Install a (temporary) outdoor shower. Before you say, “but I’m not a plumber,” think about this fun, quick fix: Wrap a hose around a favorite tree, hanging the nozzle just above height level. Install a shower curtain around a hula hoop and hang it from the same tree, so that the nozzle of the hose hangs down the center. Attach a shower nozzle at the end of the hose and voila – a quick, fun shower for rinsing off in your suit after the beach.

Restain the deck. This may be more functional than fun, but if your deck is looking a little tired, a clear, rain-free weekend is the perfect time for re-staining. You can do this yourself. Just be sure to properly clean and sand the deck down before staining, and don’t forget to weather-seal it. Talk to a professional at your closest home improvement store to make sure you get the proper seals and stains, and follow directions accordingly.

Create an easy lounge area. Choose a corner of your deck, yard or patio that isn’t getting much use, ideally one with at least one side snug against the house. Purchase or find a few pallets, paint them fun colors, and secure them into the corner. Add a futon pad or bed topper, toss on a few comfy pillows, and you’ve got a luxurious lounge area for the whole family to enjoy.

Add a touch of whimsy. Parents with young children, this one’s for you. Create a fun playspace in your backyard to keep the kids entertained all season long. A few ideas: Spray paint twister dots on the grass for family fun; string a sheet from the trees, grab a projector, and have movie nights al fresco; repurpose that hula-hoop shower curtain idea without the hose for a fun fort for one. Or, drag that old bunk bed frame your child has outgrown into the yard, seal it with waterproof sealer, and transform it into a star gazing center.

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