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5 Renovation Prep Tips to Save Your Sanity

Renovating your house is no small job, and while you will likely plan your design, budget, and materials, many homeowners don’t realize just how much of a disruption the construction may be for everyday life – especially if it’s a major overhaul, or you have small children in the mix. Below are five tips to take as you get ready for your renovation.

Pack a survival kit. The importance of this step will vary depending on what you’re renovating, but if it’s a major renovation, pack a bag as if you’re taking a trip. Clothes, toiletries and essentials should all be readily available when your master bedroom is being redone and your items are living in boxes.

Minimize your schedule. Renovations can be stressful, so dilute your commitments for the expanse of your renovation to avoid the added anxiety of social pressures.

Meal prep. If your kitchen won’t be 100 percent accessible, do as much meal prep as you can in advance. Cook several large batches of family favorites and store them in the freezer. If the idea of cooking ahead of time overwhelms you, sock away an “eating out” budget that will cover the length of your reno.

Plan a backup sleep spot. As your renovation begins, you may find sleeping in your half demolished house is stressful and unsettling. Set up a few nights at a friend or family member’s house in advance to help ease the stress of tiptoeing around a construction zone.

Plan for power or water cuts. If there will be a time in your renovation where power sources or water supply will be unavailable, plan with your contractor to time these periods while you’re at work or staying with a friend to avoid disruptions to your schedule.

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