The Basics of Staging Your home

June 6, 2018

Jacksonville, North Carolina

The Basics of Staging Your Home

If you’re prepping your home for sale, you’re probably juggling a million tasks, from taking care of last-minute fixes to fielding calls from your agent and working on your next move. So when it comes to staging the space, the idea alone may feel exhausting. Below are three easy concepts for getting started.

Simple. Keep things simple by removing and storing unnecessary furniture and large items. That oversized bookcase that holds your beloved books, the non-essential living room furniture, the consoles and baskets that add flare, but not function, can all go. By removing much of the larger pieces in your home, you will also have a simpler time with the next concept.

Clean. Now that you’ve reduced your furniture count, get into all the nooks and crannies and really clean. If you have rooms in your house that you don’t need to access all the time (a formal dining room, a second TV room, guest bedrooms, etc.), make them off limits to your family during your staged period so that you don’t make extra work for yourself.

Fresh. Now that your space is minimal and clean, add fresh touches. This can include flowers, swinging open windows and drawing back curtains to let light in. Another aspect of freshening your space is to strip it of items like family photos and mementos so that potential buyers can see a blank canvas, and begin to paint themselves inside.

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